1.   The course will be delivered as per schedule. The course contains the practical as well as practical classes. Please donot expect much alteration in it.
2.   The duration of the course cannot be altered/changed. Only incertain circumstances where the company deems fit these changes will be incorporated.
3.   If there is a delay in the courses we shall complete the same by taking the courses on Saturday and Sunday.
4.   Once Paid the Fees would not be refunded.
5.   The student has to appear in all assignments and tests. Failing which the student is not eligible for Project certificate and performance statement.
6.   The projects assigned to the students has to be completed with in the given timeline.
7.   There is no provision for grade improvement.
9.   Student dropping out of the course is not eligible for refunds or certificate.
10.   If you join the course midway or absent yourself from the class, you are expected to cover the course with the help of your friends. Yes some help can be expected from the trainer.
11.   Proper discipline has to be maintained. Student misbehaving with the trainer or disturbing the class which disturbs the normal course of delivery shall be suspended for further course and requests for refund or certificate will not be entertained under any circumstances.
12.   All the participants need to understand that this is purely training and is no where related to placements. Our programs are carefully drafted understanding the needs of the IT industry and the program that you are under going will help you become a strong professional. If the program is done with full sincerity it will help you become a leader in IT industry.
13.   The training company reserves the right to alter/modify/delete/adds anyof the above rules as deemed fit. The said decision shall be final and binding on the students. In all matter pertaining to above or any matter not covered above shall solely be at the discretion of the trainer and Tech Savvy Eduventures Pvt. Ltd. No arguments of any sort shall be entertained.